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    1. New Emerica Westgate G6 Shoe coming 11/12/13.

    2. welcome-to-the-team-thelen-mckinna-worrell

      Welcome to the Team Thelen Mckinna Worrell!


    4. voting-for-the-oneill-coldwater
      Voting for the O'neill Coldwater ClassicWildcard Spots has started and two of our Val Surf Team Riders have advanced into the final 8 spots out of nearly 100 contestants.  They are so close to making it into the event and have made it so far but only 4 of the 8 finalists make it into the event.  We need your vote!  Please go watch their videos and vote for our boys Andrew Jacobson and Quinn McCrystal.  Thank You!!!
    5. Our team rider from Mammoth Lakes, Garrett Warnick, just put out his video part - check it out - you will be very pleased.

    6. The Val Surf Team can&rsquot wait for snow!

    7. Alex Midler skating in his backyard last night&hellip

    8. new-formula-fours
    9. check-out-our-new-shop-hats

      Check out our new shop hats

    10. Spitfire Formula Four available at all Val Surf locations!


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