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    1. Baker Boys Holiday 2013 demo featuring Val Surf team riders Cyril Jackson and Tristan Funkhouser.

    2. cyber-monday-30-off-val-surf-brand-product
    3. come-by-one-of-our-shops-were-having-a-big-sale
    4. Harrison Gordon - 2013 Full Part!

    5. T-Funk Session at Bakerboys Dist.

    6. daylight-savings-is-this-weekend-visit-the-shop

      Daylight savings is this weekend, visit the shop for some savings on watches!

    7. the-discount-demon-is-taking-over-the-shop
    8. Ripping Volcom Park Session featuring Colin Provost, Grant Taylor, Jackson Pilz, Alex Midler, Nassim Guammaz, Kyle Walker, Louie Lopez.  

    9. Val Surf Team Rider, Shayne &ldquoPizzle&rdquo Pospisil, snowboards in the dirty jersey on the beach.


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