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    2. Check out this Thrasher Magazine Firing Line of Val Surf team rider Tristan Funkhouser!

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    4. black-friday-2014-more-details-coming-soon

      Black Friday 2014!  More details coming soon.

    5. Watch Zack Wallin put some of the new Matix denim to the test.  Matix denim now comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.  Details can be found here:

    6. Van Wastell was a unique individual, skateboarder and friend. Long coming is this tribute to a friend that will be missed dearly. This is dedicated to the loving memory of Van Wastell RIP. We love you buddy!

    7. The OG eS Accel is back.  Coming soon to Val Surf!

    8. Check out this new Brixton Fall 2014 video, featuring some great pieces from their new collection.

    9. Val Surf Wins Oakley Surf Shop Challenge.  

    10. Congrats to Val Surf team rider Kevin Terpening for going pro.  Here&rsquos a nice little Huf edit for our Terps.


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